Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fleet Week, Gun Battles on the Bay

From Bert Creighton
MMSD Volunteer Crew

We sailed in support of San Diego's Fleet Week today. This served as a good shake down cruise, bringing some of us over from the Star of India, and giving us experience sailing Surprise.

We sailed against Californian, skipper by Mr. Sutherland. He's a master and tacking in tight areas like we had today, and he kept his ship, for the most part, away from our guns. We still got some good shots in and had a great time in our tacking duel.

From the area in front of the Midway and spectator boats we headed to the Museum for another gun battle, then one more at the north end of the bay. This was a great day, what a privilege and what fun to actually sail Surprise and let her guns sing out. I look forward to sailing Surprise again, very soon.

Captain Welton calls muster...

Here are some more pictures from our sail today:

Thanks to Ted Walton for the image above, and the next two.

There's the Californian... time to give her a taste of our guns.