Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walton Photography - HMS Surprise

Ted Walton took some spectacular photographs of our ship during this week's parade into San Diego Bay. He has images with squares set, and some with staysails set. There are several with Pt. Loma creating a dramatic background, and even one with "helmet cam" in the rig.

If you are interested in prints you may contact Ted by phone at 619.448.1083.

Bravo Zulu.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

News Coverage Update

Bert Creighton
MMSD Volunteer Crew

We're receiving some nice coverage from the media. Here's a few recent online articles. Also listed is the video from SignOnSanDiego. They put a helmet camera on me and I went up the Forem'st to give them a flavor of working aloft. Enjoy!

August 20, 2008

Aboard and aloft during the parade of sail
Crewmember Bert Creighton takes our helmetcam
into the rigging as the Maritime Museum's Surprise
ventures forth to join the Parade of Sail Wednesday. 
Video by Jeff Dillon and Anne Maclachla

SignOnSanDiego Photo Page 1
Tall Ships 2008
20 Aug 2008
28 images in this album on 2 pages

Tall ships festival beckons to all who are seaworthy


August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dreams really can come true.

As I sit here at my computer, reflecting upon my time at the LA FOS on HMS Surprise, I realize that I've had some significant moments, while "just passing time." Moments of getting to know my crewmates better. Being pulled into a newspaper interview by a holder of a Master's Ticket, who also happens to be a red-headed woman. Passing time swapping cooking "tidbits" with a professional chef on the Bounty. Having a few beers with crewmen from the USCG Eagle. Refining my (two trip) technique on trying to provision a ship's galley. Starting to learn another ship's "ropes" and being trusted to DO a new job because I'm not exactly a green hand any more.

And being aloft underway ... Had you asked me if this was even a remote possibility a couple of years ago, I would have laughed myself silly. After all, middle-aged women just don't DO that sort of thing. Do they? The answer is a resounding Hell Yes!!

I used to ask myself, what the next adventure in my life will be. Now, I ask WHEN my next adventure will be! And I'm darned sure that that majority will be with the San Diego Maritime Museum and on it's ships. There's a lifetime of learning there. All it takes is a willingness to learn, get dirty, and be a good shipmate.

Fair Winds and Following Seas ... it's not just a toast; it's a blessing!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures of our SD Departure

I am posting a few pictures taken during out departure from San Diego, bound for San Pedro.

As you scroll down you'll see one of our crew demonstrating the correct way to put on a "Gumby Suit" - just like they do on the TV show Deadiest Catch.

More pictures of our trip will be posted soon.

Bert Creighton
MMSD Volunteer Crew

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Sail Track From San Diego to LA's FOS

Here's an overview of our track, sailing from San Diego to San Pedro for the Los Angeles Festival of Sail.

Brad Holderman
MMSD Volunteer Crew
18 Aug 2008

The festival was over. We had left last night, departing the dock right at 2000. Third watch had managed the Midnight to 3 watch, it meant for an interupted night.  Still, with a full crew, I opted for sleeping on the deck.  I'm claustrophobic and for me it feels too close below in the berths.

After four days, there were still remants of my real life, work day internal clock.  I woke at 0600, to the standing watch prepping to set tops'l and t'gallant stays'ls.  I joined in after a quick shot of coffee.

At some point during the night, we had throttled down, our southbound passage way ahead of schedule.  At this point, we were just north of La Jolla.  Breakfast and more sails.

We set courses, tops'ls, and t'gallant in light winds, cutting the engine.  Racing along at 2.5 knots, Captain Welton called for the main royal which had been lashed below in the exhibit area.

With a full stack on the main, we sailed leisurely for the remainder of the day as the San Diego skyline slowly came into view.  Surprise still has her mysteries for us, refuseing to tack a couple of times.  She wears well and we used that to set us on a course that put us straight into the middle of the channel leading into San Diego Bay.

Just outside the bay, the  Columbian Navy's training ship Gloria was moored, keeping station until the parade of ships on Wednesday.  Its nice to see another large square-rigged vessel joining us at San Diego's festival

We touched the dock before a large crowd, about a  quarter after four.  Leaving the ship finally around 1730, I was soon on the Coaster north back to home.

Full Sail Off Pt Loma

We are under full sail in a light breeze off Pt Loma. The skipper just called hands to furl the Main Royal - yes Virginia, we hoisted the Main Royal!

The crew has finished lunch. The watch is keeping an eye on contacts entering and leaving San Diego Bay.

Last night we headed out off Ssn Pedro with a full, orange moon. I had the 2100 to 2400 watch. My third time at the helm was very improved and I was happy to have only one course excursion of minor note.

The watch is calling out a tall ship ahead and hands on deck are trying to determine which she is.

We have a lot to update you on including many pictures. One quick note - from what I experienced HMS Surprise was the star of the LA FOS show. We had longer lines and guests came almost around the clock to see our ship. I am very proud of our crew for the passion, courtesy and enthusiasm they showed - on deck and ashore.

Time to man lines on the Dog Pound -more soon.


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