Sunday, August 17, 2008


Several of us slept on deck under the stars and near the seals. There
is harbor seal that has the loudest voice I have ever heard!

Lori woke up the deck sleeping bag crew around 0300. The low was out
so far that our gangway was at risk of scraping the dock. We us
capstan bars to lift the gsngway, then placed hatch covers under the
wheels, raising the shore slight high enough to clear.

Breakfast - cereal, fresh fruit, danish and bagels.

We open to guests and had a number of them wait over an hour before
our starting time. The FOS helped with dockside guest relations and
they deserve a Bravo Zulu for a job well done.

David C and I headed to the Internation guild of Knot Tiers (I may not
have the name exactly right due to 0300 watches). David introduced me
to Joe - the master at this art. Joe showed us how to make a wire
grommet - twice. I asked if I could buy one and Joe gave it to me. I
bought a round of hot dogs, chips and Cokes for Joe, Mike (new chapter
president) and several others.

David and headed back to the boat. I took watched on the Gun Deck,
then took Tamara's watch in the great cabin so she could work on
Monday's watched

Our ship was filled throughout day and evening. Our guests were SO
enthusiastic and many said they would come to Sxn Diego to visit MMSD.
One will start vomiting from Long Beach to volunteer on our crew!

The success of the day went way beyond my expectations. We have
created a new awareness for our ships, programs and crew in San Diego.
More later. JC

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