Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aimee Is Ready for FOS L.A.

Aimee Kay

MMSD Volunteer Crew

Two Festival of Sails!

I can't believe that I'm sailing in two "away" Festival of Sails!  First, I got to go on Californian to sail in San Francisco and NOW I get to go with Surprise to Los Angeles!  I am beyond stoked.
I'm new to Surprise and am learning my position on the Foremast. Some of it is very familiar, but there are some Surprising (sorry for the pun) differences.  One of the big ones is that I get to climb to the Course Yard to furl and un-furl as well as helping to rig when needed.  This is completely different than being on a jib boom and WAAAAY cool!  The view is amazing, but I am eagerly and nervously awaiting doing this at sea.  Thank goodness for the time spent at the gym on the Stairmaster; it is a loong haul up to the yard.  The people going up to the Top and the Topgallant have even a longer climb and descent. 
Every day is a new adventure and I am really looking forward to being underway on Thursday.  The difference in sizes between the two ships is also amazing.  There is so much room that I feel like I'm checking into a luxury hotel!
Hope to see you all in LA!  I'll be the tall red-head with the ear-to-ear grin!