Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anticipation, Excitement and Sweat

Bert Creighton
MMSD Volunteer Crew
10 August 2008

The sun was out early this morning. Mr. Burgess called muster on the Star of India, then quickly sent the Surprise Crew to our ship. Captain Welton held a quick muster and ran down the list of completed projects and told us about the tasks that remain before we sail Thursday. Mr. Durdaller (Ships Ops) was aboard to go over our trip to LA and our time in port there.

We headed to our masts and soon had our first command to get our sails in their gear. I headed aloft with my Forem'st crew, heading to Port on the Fore Yard with Mark Hatay. We got our squares in their gear while other crew got the heads'ls ready.

Mark aloft.

Mainm'st Crew.

Lines manned and ready!

Back on deck we began setting sails in sequence, keeping the wind's pressure fore and aft balanced. Bracing drills followed, and we were aloft again furling everything. After being aloft on the Fore I headed out the Jibboom to get some more experience furling heads'ls. This was only my second time on the "pointy end" - but I am quickly getting the routine down.

Several of us worked to bend on the boomkin, a short spar that extends from the bow, used to extend the clew (lower corner) of the foresail to windward. Here's a quote from Master and Commander:

 "These boomkin knottings, Jack: just where may they be?"

I talked with many of my friends onboard and our crew is excited about our voyage. This is where we put the old ways to work - where ship and crew come together - and where we add salt water and wind. We will be sailing under an August moon with the Perseid meteor shower above our T'gallants. Soon it will be time to stow our gear, cast off and sail north to join the fleet of tall ships off of San Pedro. How grand!