Sunday, August 17, 2008

Los Angeles FOS

We had a great transit - arriving off of San Pedro with a clear night
sky and an evening lighting spectacular over Palas Verde.

I had the 0300 - 0600 watch and I got my second half hour at the helm.
Is hard to describe the amazing experience at our newly restored
wheel, looking up through the rig to see the stars - and have a
bright meteor come in over our heads.

Tamara was our Captain for 2nd watch and she talked about many
things maritime with us.

Our watch was quiet - even though we spotted many "contacts" entering
and leaving San Pedro and Long Beach

I knew nothing could top my helm experience, but the sea seems to find
a way. With an orange sun rising over the state we were soon able to
see, and hear a pod of dolphin all around us, getting breakfast. We
shared the same area for some time - a special way to end our watch.

I will post another entry after I get some sleep.


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