Sunday, August 10, 2008

From Our Starboard Fore Pinrail Capt.

Joe Radwanski
MMSD Volunteer Crew
As the departure date for the HMS Surprise sail to Los Angeles   approaches my anticipation increases. My crewmates, I am sure, are   feeling the same. To many, an offshore transit is a welcome respit   from our busy  lives. I welcome this diversion. All of us at the   Maritime Museum have worked hard for this. It is just wonderful that,   after all this time, our ship is entering another chapter of it's   life. And I am pleased to be a part of it. 
It's nice to see we will have a near full moon to sail under. How   delightful. I feel a certain amount of excitment about this gathering   of tallships in LA. It is always a sight to behold and now we can   participate. It is interesting to meet the crews of the other ships as   they each have their own distinct charachter. No doubt everyone will   have a good time and there will be the usual hijinks I'm sure.
Then we get to do it all over again right here at home in San Diego.   I'm also looking forward to this parade sail as my son Kyle will be   able to join me as a junior crew member. We joined the volunteer crew   together and we are both very happy to be sailing together at last.   The whole family will be at the Maritime Museum helping with the FOS   over the weekend. It should be lots of fun. San Diego Bay is a great   place for this and the weather should be perfect as usual.