Monday, August 18, 2008

Full Sail Off Pt Loma

We are under full sail in a light breeze off Pt Loma. The skipper just called hands to furl the Main Royal - yes Virginia, we hoisted the Main Royal!

The crew has finished lunch. The watch is keeping an eye on contacts entering and leaving San Diego Bay.

Last night we headed out off Ssn Pedro with a full, orange moon. I had the 2100 to 2400 watch. My third time at the helm was very improved and I was happy to have only one course excursion of minor note.

The watch is calling out a tall ship ahead and hands on deck are trying to determine which she is.

We have a lot to update you on including many pictures. One quick note - from what I experienced HMS Surprise was the star of the LA FOS show. We had longer lines and guests came almost around the clock to see our ship. I am very proud of our crew for the passion, courtesy and enthusiasm they showed - on deck and ashore.

Time to man lines on the Dog Pound -more soon.


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