Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working Onboard - Sunday, 13 July 08

July 13, 2008, Aboard HMS Surprise

After muster on the Star of India we began work on HMS Surprise,
getting her ready to sail north in August. The detailed restoration of
the ship's wheel continues, and the crew worked on and below deck. The
aloft crew worked on each mast today.

One of our major duties aloft has been lowering blocks to the deck,
then taking them to the Berkeley's workshop where the blocks are
inspected and worked on. Once the blocks are back in good workingorder they are sent aloft and we bend them back on. Some are rather
large, providing the needed purchase to their line. Everything is
labeled as it comes off the boat so we can return the blocks back to
their proper places in the rig.

Below are a couple of pictures of Surprise's wheel (from the Mainm'st)
and the work aloft.